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All of the artists working here at Jaded Angel are First Aid, Bloodbourne Pathogens and State Licensed and Inspected and go through extensive continuing education. Also, All artists at Jaded Angel Tattoo use the newly designed SAFETY NEEDLE CARTRIDGE SYSTEM, meaning that all pieces and parts are disposable and have NEVER been used on another customer. We believe this method is the SAFEST POSSIBLE and goes above and beyond any current licensing or regulations. Furthermore, all of the artists working at Jaded Angel use the Cheyenne Hawk Precision Tattoo System reaching new pinnacles in details and accuracy. We are on the top of our game which means that you are going to get the finest, safest tattoo around!!!! On top of that, all of our artists are also Fine Artists who have drawings, paintings, and prints for sale and for commission at the shop!!! So check out our Artists Portfolios and feel free to message the artists personally about drawing you a sweet, custom piece!!