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   The Piercing Staff of Jaded Angel has been honing and perfecting their craft for 15+years.  With the latest and newest sterilization techniques and jewelry materials, we have been on the forefront of the Central Iowa piercing scene for decades.  The techniques and materials have been researched and tested and are the absolute top of the line with our MSDS on hand and available any time of business. Our materials are all certified at least 316LVMs Implant Grade Stainless Steel or Titanium. We only use jewelry, tools and disposable items that come straight from the Autoclave and have NEVER been used in any other instance.  Every Single Item that touches your skin has gone through the Autoclave!!!!!
                         $25 PIERCINGS

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(1)One Lobe with a Hoop
Navel with Hoop
(1)One Nipple with Hoop
Eyebrow with Hoop
Cartilage with Hoop
Rook with Hoop
Tragus with Hoop


(2)Two Lobes with Hoops
(2)Two Nipples with Hoops



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(1) One Lobe with Titanium Hoop
Tragus with Titanium Hoop
Cartilage with Titanium Hoop
Eyebrow with Titanium Hoop



Prince Albert with 14g or 12g Hoop
Dydoe with Curved Barbell
Frenum with Hoop
Pubic with Hoop
Vertical Clitoris with Barbell
Horizontal Clitoris with Hoop

$35 Piercings

Nostril with NS Hoop(no ball)
Navel with Double Jewell Barbell
Nostril with Nostril Screw
Helix with Jewelled Stud
Tragus with Jewelled Stud
Conch with Jewelled Stud
(1)One Lobe with Jewelled Stud


(1)One Microdermal $100
(2)Two Microdermals $100
Ampallang $80
Apadravya $80
Christina $80
Bridge with Barbell $60
Corsetry Project $300
Play Piercing Session $75/hour